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I agree with Rivka.  Tell them--maybe even offer samples.  The relationship with your customers is way more important than what you sell this particular week and this is a great opportunity to show people that you can be trusted.  If this week's don't sell because of your honesty, try to find a couple of hours (I know!) to do some value-added thing with them, like jam or compote.

Good luck!


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On Jun 26, 2009, at 7:14 PM, Liz wrote:

don't know if it's all the rain we've had & now the heat, but we have
loaded blueberry bushes--except the berries are mostly sour.  (The
ones I sold last week were sweeter.)  They've come in about a week
early so I'm not sure if later ones will sweeten up.  I should have
known something was up since there has been little bird & deer
damage.  I sold out of the berries by 8:00 last Saturday and they were
priced almost twice what others had theirs priced.  I don't get a
chance to scout the market before I'm inundated with customers & since
we don't have a permanent spot, we're one of the last produce people
allowed to set up before opening so we're usually scrambling to set up
while selling at the same time.=C
2 Now I'm afraid those customers who
bought last week will come back and buy these and they won't taste the
same.  Should I warn them to sweeten them up a bit??  It doesn't take
much and then the blueberry flavor really pops, but they don't taste
like that on their own.</x-tad-smaller></smaller></fontfamily></excerpt><excerpt>



Yes, I would warn them. Explain that it's the weather (it probably is,
and customers will understand the weather as being something you can't
do anything about.) You might lose a few customers on the particular
day who won't buy them, but you'll gain more customers in the long
run: for one thing, they won't think your berries are always like
that; for another, they'll know you're honest, and that when you do
say something is sweet it actually is.

<smaller>-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly

Fresh-market organic produce, small scale</smaller>=


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