[Market-farming] shock from the ground wire

Richard Robinson rrobinson at nasw.org
Mon Jun 29 13:05:24 EDT 2009

I am trying to set up an electric fence to keep deer out. The ground wire is hot, and I can't figure out why.

I have a Stafix battery-powered charger I have used successfully in the past with net fencing. I have a battery correctly connected to the charger, and the charger terminals correctly connected to the hot wire and ground wire. Those wires are not touching. The ground wire is connected to a copper rod sunk in the ground. It rained last night (and for the past two weeks), so the soil is wet. 

Despite all this, I am getting a shock from the ground wire. The volt meter shows about 4000 volts when I connect the hot wire and ground wire, and about 900 volts when I connect the ground wire and earth ground. I am getting no voltage when I connect the allegedly hot fence wire and the earth.

Other than a damaged charger, is there anything that could be causing this?

Also, I have an old Sears 110V plug-in charger, but need fuse holders for the two 1A fuses. Any suggestions for where to find them?


 Richard Robinson

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