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I. been on the list for a while but usually just read and learn. I started growing long ago, with my grandfather, using hoes and a mule and am still learning something new almost every week. Many of the things I will ask I already have done in some manner. I am getting older and need more ways to be efficient  and reduce labor as much as possible. I want to take what I know and what  y'all know,  write it down and pass it on to the next generation of farmers. Here in Central Texas growing during the late fall, winter and spring is easy. LOL. The tough part is late spring, summer, and early fall. There is plenty of information on season extension during the cold parts of the year but not the hot parts. over the next year, I would like to gather information on getting the most of late spring, summer and early fall crops. Ways to nurse them along as long as possible, new or different crops that grow well in the drought and heat  of summer  (98-110
 degrees), Varieties with resistance to diseases that accompany drought, heat, and high humidity.  Ways to start in the heat so you've got fall crops.  Techniques and varieties that let you get an extra week or three from lettuce, carrots and the other spring veggies customers want the most.  Of course I will keep teaching seasonal eating.  But the modern grocery has spoiled everyone even me (Though I still can't bring myself eat a watermelon in January even though it is in the store). If you don't  want to post info you can call or email. I use Skype so you can call me free. If you're within  a hundred miles of Austin  I can come visit.  I'll bring BBQ,  a watermelon, and pitch in so  we can have time to sit and talk.

Email Cegtt at yahoo.com, 512-589-0974, Skype chucksheryl  Garfield USA

Chuck Gassiott

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