[Market-farming] sour blueberries

Liz liz at horseshoegardens.com
Fri Jun 26 19:14:27 EDT 2009

I don't know if it's all the rain we've had & now the heat, but we have
loaded blueberry bushes--except the berries are mostly sour.  (The ones I
sold last week were sweeter.)  They've come in about a week early so I'm not
sure if later ones will sweeten up.  I should have known something was up
since there has been little bird & deer damage.  I sold out of the berries
by 8:00 last Saturday and they were priced almost twice what others had
theirs priced.  I don't get a chance to scout the market before I'm
inundated with customers & since we don't have a permanent spot, we're one
of the last produce people allowed to set up before opening so we're usually
scrambling to set up while selling at the same time.  Now I'm afraid those
customers who bought last week will come back and buy these and they won't
taste the same.  Should I warn them to sweeten them up a bit??  It doesn't
take much and then the blueberry flavor really pops, but they don't taste
like that on their own.
Horseshoe Gardens
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