[Market-farming] Farm Math

Garth & Kim Travis gartht at txcyber.com
Wed Jun 24 10:31:19 EDT 2009

For us it was 15 week old Naragansette Turkeys + 2 large chicken snakes 
= 7 turkeys.  Of course they didn't touch the week old frakenbirds in 
the same greenhouse, just the expensive turkeys.  However, my biggest 
and continuing problem is domestic dogs, well fed domestic dogs.  They 
kill for fun and don't stop until everything is dead or they die of lead 
Bright Blessings,

clearviewfarm at bluefrog.com wrote:
> It could be worse.
> In my case, my math would be 14 hens + 1 fox + 1 owl =<<<6 hens
> I feel for you.  We had a mink "demolish" over half our flock two 
> February's ago.
> Kurt Forman
> Clearview Farm
> Palmyra, NY 14522

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