[Market-farming] Mizuna

Sue Wells farmersue at myfairpoint.net
Mon Jun 22 06:07:25 EDT 2009

Yesterday at the Market, a customer brought me a bag of what looked like
mizuna, she wanted me to tell her what it was as it was so good. She had
bought it out of state, as she had came up here for her second home. IT was
about 14 inches tall and tightly clumped together, Looked like it had been
cut below the ground. It was rotted and I didn't want to look at it too
close. But, it did look like Mizuna. Is this what others are doing with
their mizuna? I cut mine at about 6 to 7 inches. Mine is not grown that
tightly together. She said it was wonderful and only cost $2.00 for that
huge bunch.   She sampled my mizuna, but didn't; say if it was the same as
what she had bought. I cut mine where it will grow bak, but this bunch was
not cut that way. 





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