[Market-farming] bags for salad mix and lettuce

Beth Spaugh lists at rhomestead.com
Sun Jun 21 21:19:43 EDT 2009

I need to get more bags for salad mix and lettuce. In the past I have used
gusseted bags, twirling and half-tying the top. I had 4 x 8 for salad mix. I
have used the t-shirt bags for lettuce, but they are not nice for display. I
have seen some folks using flat, rather than gusseted bags for both. I would
appreciate suggestions on sizes/types/sources. Thank you.


Beth Spaugh

Rehoboth Homestead, Peru, NY

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"How we eat determines, to a considerable extent, how the world is used." -
Wendell Berry


"Without power over our food, any notion of democracy is empty." - Frances
Moore Lappe


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