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Pam Twin Oaks pam at twinoaks.org
Sun Jun 21 20:31:21 EDT 2009

We're in zone 7, central Virginia. We grow mizuna as a fall, winter and
early spring crop in our hoophouse. The first sowing is made outdoors under
rowcover in mid-September, then transplanted around 4 weeks old into the
hoopouse at 12" spacing. We use this quite large, cut into salad mix. We
don't have flea-beetle trouble from mid-Ocober onwards.  We like the ferny
shape and the crunchiness of mizuna, and the mild flavor. And now it's
available in purple too. Not quite as cold-tolerant, the purple. If Mizuna
gets too large, we just buzz-cut it right back, an inch above the ground,
and let it grow new leaves. Our standard harvesting method is to buzz one
side of each plant. the remaining half feed the roots until the new leaves
get going. You can get many cuts with this practice.

Later we direct sow more mizuna in the hoophouse, and thin it out. What's
not to like? (Assuming the fleabeetles are gone)

Pam, Twin Oaks, Louisa, VA
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