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Sun Jun 21 18:14:31 EDT 2009

> Now I'm in the dry West...no slugs...but many years ago I used to garden
in Connecticut and slugs were terrible...An old timer gave me the tip
for slugs....put out yellow bowls of beer...the slugs are attracted and
drown....it was pretty gross but worked....

>  There has been so much rain here in Northern Virginia the last three
> months, more than I have ever seen.
>  Many of my crops died in the ground, or were washed away.
>  The slugs came out with a preference for curcurbits(my main crop), and
> red castor plants (for decorative dried arrangements, and beauty in the
> garden, costing 30 cents per seed).
>  I have seeded, and re-seeded, and am going to seed again, though I may
> not get all my crop in now, due to the upcoming autumn.
>  I just found out that pine needles, or even hay(thanks for the advice)
> will make an obstacle course for the slimers, and must be in close
> contact with the ground. I have started this with pine needles, and
> wonder what the minimum perimeter around each plant is. Any ideas?
>   The slugs are so bad now that they completely wasted all of the
> sunflowers I planted for cut flowers, dried flowers, and potted plants.
>   They are so bad that one slimed its way across my second story office
> window the other day, in broad daylight(such as it is with all this
> rain).
> Michael
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