[Market-farming] Slugs

Emily Curtis-Murphy emilydash at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 20:14:29 EDT 2009

I've had success with beer bottle traps.  Buy a few twelve packs, haul
'em out to the field, and treat your crew to a good afternoon buzz.
As you drown your sorrows about all the seedling losses, leave about
an inch of beer in each bottle.  Ditch the (near) empties scattered
about the perimeter of your plot, or wherever they fall.  The slugs
love beer, and will drink themselves into a watery grave.
Don't hop on your tractor while intoxicated, and head out to cultivate
or disc.  Tilling all that glass into your field would haunt you for
years!  And after you clean up, be sure to send some college kid in
with the bottles to get your deposit back.  Convenience store clerks
hate slugs even more then rotting cigarette butts.  Though you're in
Virgina, where there is no bottle redemption... so please recycle
Some people who don't like their gardens looking like a frat house
Friday morning bury plastic bowls or tupper ware so the rim is even
with the ground, and put beer in those to trap the slugs.

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