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David Inglis mhcsa at verizon.net
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Does anyone have a line on rock pickers for low horsepower tractors that
will do a 60" bed or 2 x 30". I have permanent beds that look like a pebble
beach   right now because my weeding system brings them up and flips them
over to be washed by the incessant rain we have been getting. My friend said
if I pick the rocks out of my field it will look like a Polder the ground
will sink so much. There is some decent soil between those rocks though.




Dave Inglis


Berkshire County,


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John some of the earlier hydro's didn't have enough oil cooling ability and
the oil would get hot in long term uses in the field.  There has been vast
improvement in the technology and design in the methods of cooling systems.
Hydro's will take a lot if all the big combines and big loaders are all
hydro's.  I've had 4 large tractors the were hydro's and they held up very
good for the load they had pull.  I would notbe afraid to chisel with mine
and I do use a 5 shank chisel on mine every fall to tear up everything
before winter sets in.  My mulch lifter pulls harder than the chisel plow
because I run it kindof deep.





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