[Market-farming] tillage tools - hydro

John Ferree john at seldomseenfarm.com
Fri Jun 19 11:50:55 EDT 2009

What can't you do with a hydro?  I'm looking at another, more flexible
tracotor. . . see the need for a hydro, but also need a higher hp
tractor for larger implements.  Fear I will burn up the pump w/ heavier
tillage tools.  Certainly a chisel is out of the question, but what
else?  I should have bought a larger HP gear drive tractor to begin
with, then a smaller, 40 hp hydro for transplanting/cultivating/etc. 
But hindsight is 20-20.  Maybe I can get by with a new creeper gear in
an old tractor. 

SaladG at aol.com wrote:
> I have a good friend that has on of those China tractors and it is a
> night mare getting parts for it, so be careful if you go that way.  I
> have a TC45DA New Holland and a TC 25 both hydrostat and have had
> excellent service out of both of them.  Down the road you may want to
> do plastic mulch and a mulch lifter takes quite a bit of HP to make it
> work right, so don't get to small a tractor.  The hydrostat is very
> necessary if you ever get a transplanter, we use some 4" spacing with
> our water wheel transplanter and you have to drive extremely slow to
> get this done.  We went from gear drive tractors to hydro's.
> Phil from wet western Iowa
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