[Market-farming] Market prices?

Sue Wells farmersue at myfairpoint.net
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I really have a hard time pricing summer squash. I tried $.75 each for them.
If they are small, people complain that is too much for them. I also have a
very hard time dealing with that figure, just because my brain doesn't work
as fast with that amount, so I go back to $.50 each. I can't figure out if
this is too cheap, but weighing it when I am very busy at the Market is so
hard. This is for large, medium and small. I am going to try small squash
with the blossoms on them this year, maybe at $1.00 each, does this sound

Last year, I started out selling my green beans at $5/lb, then went down to
$4. I won't go cheaper, as they are too much work for selling cheaper.  My
shelling beans I sell for $5, unshelled. Shelled they will be more. Tomatoes
will be $4 -$5 pound. Mine are heirloom. I have never known what to charge
for hot peppers, so I sell my jalapenos for $.10 each and most of the rest
of hot peppers at $.25 each, except for my poblanos, they are $.50 each.

Corn around here sells for $5 to $7 doz. 




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Zucchini, Yellow Squash, salad cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, green beans.
What are you all pricing this stuff at per pound?  Also, tomatoes, silver
king corn and hot peppers are coming ripe soon.

Could you all share what your pricing these items for?




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