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I second Brian's warning about row cover for flea beetles!!!  They really love it.  Also, it gets fibrous well before it bolts so you need to harvest pretty early...and it took me a while to figure out just when that was.  Those things said, I think it's pretty easy to grow too.

A couple weeks ago at the farmers' market here in Tarrytown NY a grower had some baby tatsoi.  I'm not a fan of mature tatsoi but he gave me a taste of the baby stuff and I was sold.  It was wonderful--tender and sweet, not stringy at all, which is my usual complaint about it.  He said it was the result of a 'seed spill' -- a happy accident!  He was getting $7/pound for it.  Just thought I'd pass it along as I've never seen or grown it that way but was very impressed.



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If you can grow good Arugula you can probably grow good Mizuna.  The two are awfully similar in my experience.  Which roughly translated(for us) means I'm not even bothering to grow any outside of the late fall field season and in the winter and early spring hightunnel.  I used to grow both in spring but the quality is so hit or miss that I kind of gave up on both.  Row covers at seeding are a prerequisite to help control flea beetles.  This seemed to be our problem with early season or su
mmer growth.  Even with good water supply we couldn't keep quality in spring and summer.  We either struggled with flea beetle damage and/or bolting.  They are fast and in their time and place easy - so they'd be worth some experimentation at-least.



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Anyone growing this that can relate any experiences?

I have a restaurant requesting it and wanted to hear about folks' experience with the stuff before I commit. 



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