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A friend of ours goes to junk yards and gets seat belts from cars.  Stitch into an "X" and attach snap hooks to the two loops.  Put arms through each loop so the "X" is on your back.  Then take a piece of heavy material about one inch wide and stitch rings into each end, leaving you with a finished strap around four inches.  Strap goes around peck/half bushel picking basket handle, or cardboard peck handle, and then hook each ring with one snap hook from each side.  

You can also use this with grape/mushroom lugs.  I put one snap hook towards the front of the lug and one towards the back so you don't tip over the lug while picking.  

Or, visit an orchard supply catalog/website and buy the 'real' version of this.  It has a cloth square in the back where the side loops are sewn on and slides so you can adjust the length of the straps.  

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  What do most of you use to pick your veggies and fruits into?  I am too old to be getting down on the ground all the time (even bending over to drop things into a container on the ground).  I also like to pick using both hands and out holding a container in one hand and picking with the other.


  We are doing a lot of small tomatoes  (pears, cherries, and grape).  I am doing them hydroponically and in the ground.  The hydroponic ones are being raised to offer a convenient picking height as they grow. 


  What is available, or can be made, that can hang or be tied to your person for convenience?  Thanks all.


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