[Market-farming] CSA Broccoli Question and Fall Planting Questions

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I didn't have thousands, but I did grow a small patch of broccoli this year. I agree with Carla, plant early with well hardened off plants.  My broccoli was planted out at the end of March and it got down to 18 degrees with a 30 mph north wind. No row cover and it was just fine. The next week a freaky April snowstorm, we had 4 inches and it was fine.  Every time it started to get hot for a few days, then it turned off cold in May and June.  Very strange spring.

I walked through the patch and picked budding heads.  I only lost one side shoot to blooming. I ate that one on the spot so nothing was wasted!

Carla, do you plant broccoli in the fall?  When do you start it?  When do you plant it out?  When do you harvest? IOne market runs through September and the other market runs until October 31st.  I am hoping to have a fall crop of broccoli and cauliflower.  Any advise?



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The county extension agent once told me that only a fool trys to grow 
broccoli or cauliflower in the mid-Atlantic in the spring. I don't 
doubt that he is wrong.

I didnt' check on my several thousand plants for a couple of days and 
when I did...ouch! Rows of sprays of yellow flowers and just a few 
moderate sized tight heads.

It's early in the season and, assuming it is too late and too hot to 
hope for cut-and-come-again side shoots,  I hate to just pull the 
whole planting and pitch it.

I remember that many people like the whole brocolli plant to slice 
and stir fry. I'm also wondering about blender brocolli soups

Any ideas?

Thanks - Allan in WV
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