[Market-farming] Update on Fungus problems with tomatoes

Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at illinois.edu
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My advice would be to cease sprays to see if you really need them. Because of the dry environment, it is very unlikely you'll see an epidemic. If symptoms of disease show up, try again. But I'd encourage you to try another epsom salt spray a couple of weeks down the road. Then, over the dormant period, find an inexpensive source of magnesium fertilizer, perhaps dolomitic lime, to apply to the soil. If its a magnesium deficiency, that should take care of it, though you may to repeat occasionally.


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>   First of all thank you for all the help and advice   
>   you have given me on my quest for early hoop house   
>   tomatoes.  Here is what I have done.                 
>   First I treated everything for a magnesium           
>   deficiency, with an Epsom salt spray. I believe that 
>   fixed alot of my problems. The yellowing and         
>   necrosis has all but gone away.  I still have spots  
>   in the hoop house were I still see the Septoria or   
>   starts of Early Blight.  I have been spraying with a 
>   Fungicide, Daconil, every 7 days. I have also been   
>   removing diseased leaves or branches.  I have seen a 
>   dramatic decline in the amount I have been removing. 
>   From a plastic shopping bag a row to one per bag in  
>   the whole building.                                  
>   My question is this, do I continue with only one     
>   spray or to I flip flop between a copper spray and   
>   the Daconil?                                         
>   I still have a problem with some of my Cherry        
>   tomatoes, but they are coming around. Just not as    
>   fast as the others.                                  
>   Now I am finding some Tomato Fruitworm or Varigated  
>   Climbing Cutworm damage. I have only found two       
>   worms, but they were found a week apart.  I may have 
>   to start spraying with BtK to kill them too.  I have 
>   never had these before.                              
>   Last year was so much easier. I planted, watered,    
>   weeded and harvested. My biggest problem was what    
>   price to charge for them.  I guess if you grow your  
>   building 4 times as big, you get 4 times the         
>   problems.                                            
>   Thanks again for all the help.                       
>   Jay                                                  
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