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What are you all doing about pruning tomatoes to alleviate soil splashing?  I usually prune everything up to the first fruit, which usually gets things out of the "splash zone".  If the first fruit branch is low I'll just go about a foot up.  If later leaves droop down into that zone I'll tip-prune as much as needed to keep a foot clearance.

I mulch as much as possible with leaves, though I know this isn't really practical for larger-scale growers.  I love the speed with which they break down  -plenty of time to keep the soil evenly moist and the weeds down but by the end of the season they're well on their way to contributing excellent organic matter to my beds.  The worms are even bigger fans of leaves; I'm always amazed at the volume of castings just below the leaf layer.  It helps, too, that the things are free!  


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>  But organic mulches that prevent soil splashing are really helpful. 
>You may still get it, but it probably won't be as intense as if you 
>hadn't used the mulch.

So is plastic (with out soil on it) not good? -Allan in WV
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