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courtney mcleod sunmoonriver at windstream.net
Fri Jun 12 09:57:56 EDT 2009

I practice organic methods but am not certified.  We lay drip and black
plastic mulch down for peppers and tomatoes here as nights can be cool so it
keeps the soil warm.but I also spread hay mulch covering all walk rows AND
spread it over the plastic mulch for splash from rain to help with disease.
I grow mostly heirloom tomatoes and peppers with a couple of exceptions and
that seems to be the best method for me.  A lot of work, but well worth it
as I grow 130 kinds of tomatoes and 46 kinds of peppers.  I don't have a lot
of plants like most of you, only grow on 1/8th acre but I do alright.



Herb Thyme

Middlefield, Oh




To be honest with you, I think my tomatoes under deep straw have always done
better than the ones on red or black plastic. And yet, I keep hearing that
it should be otherwise. You're right, though. 

Sometimes it's hard to recognize when such advice is targeted for certain
USDA zones. -Allan in WV where the melons definitely do like black plastic
(in my experience)

Allan Balliett [aballiett at frontiernet.net]



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