[Market-farming] Tomato Research

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Thu Jun 11 22:21:37 EDT 2009

>Up here plastic may be better for tomatoes, as our soil much of the 
>season runs cooler than they like, and plastic can help warm the 
>soil, while organic mulches are more likely to cool it. My guess is 
>that this is less of an issue in WV, unless maybe you're trying to 
>get an extra early crop.

To be honest with you, I think my tomatoes under deep straw have 
always done better than the ones on red or black plastic. And yet, I 
keep hearing that it should be otherwise. You're right, though. 
Sometimes it's hard to recognize when such advice is targeted for 
certain USDA zones. -Allan in WV where the melons definitely do like 
black plastic (in my experience)

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