[Market-farming] Tomato Research

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Thu Jun 11 14:23:31 EDT 2009

Marty last year we spaced our tomato's at 12" apart which I felt was too  
close.  Used the Florida weave and used black plastic mulch for ground  
cover.  I had fertilized the area very heavy in the previous fall so the  humus 
in the soil was extremely rich.   The yield when the season was  over 
averaged 19# per plant.  There were 30 different variety's in this row  so knowing 
which one did what I didn't keep track of.  We have gone from  doing 10 
acres of gardens to one acre, our net income has increased two  fold.  We have 
gone to doing hard to grow thing like spinach to containers  and get results 
almost all summer because we can move thing around to cooler  spots when it 
really get hot here in the great plains.  The wonder of shade  tree's.
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