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Maybe all the organic growers could bring a class action suit against  
Monsanto for ruining livelihoods.

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> Another question I have is how big of an impact does the relatively  
> widespread use of Bt producing crops have on instigating insect  
> resistance to the bacterial agent?  How soon can we growers, who  
> depend on occasional use of Bt agents like Xentari and Dipel,  
> expect to have the value of those pesticides mitigated due to the  
> use of YieldGard and Herculex seeds?  I do wonder if any University  
> scientists or otherwise impartial individuals have investigated  
> these possibilities.
> Kurt Forman
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> As the ongoing discussion demonstrates there are so many issues  
> involved in assessing GMO's.  Even evaluating the "facts" and  
> "factoids" such as:
> 	whether GMO's raise or lower yields (and under what conditions)
>  	whether GMO's add risk of contaminating nonGMO crops (and under  
> what conditions)
> 	whether GMO's will decrease or increase use of potentially toxic  
> chemicals
> 	whether GMO's will ultimately be positive or negative for food  
> supply/security
> 	whether GMO's can be adequately tracked and identified to minimize  
> risk of allergic reactions for consumers
> 	and so many more important questions
> makes it vitally important to ask who controlled the generation,  
> presentation and publication of the underlying research and did  
> they stand to gain from it?  Can results, even if fairly generated  
> and presented, be validly extended beyond the specific tests done?
> But to me, the even bigger questions are not the huge and difficult  
> questions of the "facts, " but  questions of underlying values,  
> such as:
> 	Does the boost to short-term profit, maybe even survival of a  
> specific farmer or corporation, offset risk to long-term survival?
> 	Who should bear the risk and the potential liability should GMO's  
> prove hazardous (whether by use or possible misuse)-- the people  
> who made, use and profit from their use or everyone else,  
> consenting or not?
> 	Does any one have the right to own & control the food supply and  
> make potentially irrevocable decisions for the rest of us?
> 	On what side should one choose the chance of error, on the side of  
> prove that it's harmful or prove that it's safe?
> I love this list and thank you, thank you Liz for making it possible.
> All best wishes,
> Karen
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