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We got a cheap electric fence charger, screwed electric fence insulators to
the bottom of the frame about 3 inches (above mowing height) and ran a
strand of electric fence wire around the outside, maybe 3 inches off the
ground and 3 to 4 inches out from the frame.  This was with our first Andy
Lee type chicken tractor - not a design I recommend. Now we have Premier
electric netting. They make a short 82 foot length, and in 24 and 30"
heights that are convenient and "step overable".


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Hi everyone,
We just built our pasture chicken run, put the new layer pullets (5 wks) in
there and bang, the racoons got three of them! The racoon(s) dug underneath
the frame to seemingly pull them out.

Need ideas for preventing racoons from digging under the chicken run.

Margaret & David

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