[Market-farming] Pasture chicken run and racoons

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Our problem was coyotes.. I dug a 1 foot deep ditch, ran the chicken wire down into it with a healthy amount of broken glass and covered it up. Coyotes gave up pretty quick.

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I have found all my guard dogs as strays. the first one took about 2 years to whip into shape and he became an incredible guard dog for the chickens, he has even run off hawks. He also used deposit a dead coon in the yard right next to the brooding tractor every spring about 2 days after the first peeps arrive.Granted that dog did kill several chickens in the beginning (and did quit a bit of damage to the market garden including eating 25' of broccoli) the first year we had him but with patience we got it through his head that his job is to protect the chickens and not kill them and once he understood he took his job very seriously. he has trained two out of three other foundlings (the 3rd dog was old when he came here, hates the original dog and will not listen to much of anything he says. Fortunately he has no teeth and cannot get through a fence, so is not much of a threat to the birds).The dogs also keep bunnies, voles and deer from decimating the market garden-we let them run free 24/7. We have trained all of them to stay out of the garden beds, for the most part. They do get in them but do far less damage than the deer and other critters.We could not farm successfully without the dogs
How do you find a working dog and how to care for and handle it.   Thanks, Tom -- Hillsborough, NC
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