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Pam Twin Oaks pam at twinoaks.org
Mon Jun 8 14:05:27 EDT 2009

Jay asked:
<My question is this, It is June 8th, what greens can I plant and harvest
without them getting bitter?? I live in Kansas in Zone 5. ? It has been in
the 90's, but it is more like the 80's for the month of June. Today in is in
the 60's.? I have more seed that I have already mentioned.?? Exotic greens
probably won't sell well.? More straight lettuce or spinach is an easy sell.

I have read about the Summer Crisp or French Crisp Lettuce from Johnny's.?
Is it really? tolerant of hot weather?? If so, what varieties to you
suggest?? Growing methods that would make it easier to produce good lettuce
in the early summer.?>

I'm in zone 7. I wouldn't try spinach at this late stage. I'd go for Swiss
Chard, either a green one, or the Brite Lites rainbow types. Or, for the
closest to spinach, leaf beet, also known as perpetual spinach. Being
biennial, it won't bolt this season. They transplant well, or you could
direct sow. Tell people to treat it like spinach as far as cooking goes, but
chop the stems small.

As far as lettuce, we sow each week and transplant. We use the Batavian
summer crisp types and also the romaine Jericho. We use shadecloth on wire
hoops during July, August and early September. Keep well irrigated.

Pam, Twin Oaks Community, central Virginia
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