[Market-farming] New potatoes in the rain

Patricia Rupiper arupiper at bright.net
Mon Jun 8 04:33:10 EDT 2009

Liz, and others in the rain belt
I have managed to place old straw in the rows and pull up around the  
potatoes (mind you, I only have 250 plants of fingerlings). When the  
soil dries a little, I add a thin layer of soil to the straw layer  
then repeat the layers at another time. The cost of the old straw is  
cheaper, and really adds organic matter. Makes the potatoes clean and  
easier to reach. Watch for rotting! It does hold the moisture when the  
clouds quit dripping. That is why I only use a little soil - some  
nutrient there for the roots but no mud (straw - clay - water =  
bricks!), the channel created from removing the soil helps to drain  
the rows. Mine is all hand work.
On another note - there was a statement that said there existed no GMO  
tomatoes. I looked on a research list and there are 685 ongoing trials  
in U.S. alone. So they do exist.  Bill, do you know if any are for  
sale as seeds yet?
Pat Southern Ohio zone 6

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