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I always thought the writing went on the outside also.  Good information to
know, but it does make me wonder which way is really right! We recently put
up a high tunnel which was purchased from a huge grower at an auction. The
plastic was only one year old so we put it back on the same way it was on
originally I think the writing is on the outside. Guess I am going to have
to look and make sure.  
Somers Family Farm

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I don't know if anyone else has dealt with this but we just put up a new
high tunnel with IR 6mil plastic.  We weren't sure if there was an
'inside/outside' to the film and of course put it up on a weekend evening so
Farm-tek was closed.  After calling we were told the writing goes on the
outside by the person who answered the phone.  The next person up the ladder
said no, the lettering goes on the inside.
SO, if you are putting up plastic film you may want to make sure it has the
writing on the INSIDE.
Hope this isn't sending anyone into a panic.
High Horse Farm 
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