[Market-farming] Murphy's law

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Mon Jun 1 22:18:53 EDT 2009

OK is Mercury in retrograde or what?
Made it to market, exhausted after battling the flu, temps went up to
upper 80's, a jump of almost 30 degrees.  Our market is on a blacktop
parking lot and vendors were dropping from heat exhaustion!  Made it home
still feeling ill from heat and flu residuals.  On the computer in the
evening when the power went out...extremely weird in solar/battery
operated home!  Blundered about flipping breakers to no avail...found a
flashlight and peered in at my 1200 lb bank of batteries to discover the
stand they sat on for 8 years had broken and the whole bank had fallen
over.  I've been cleaning up the 15 gallons of battery acid in the house
since Sat. night!  A Murphy's nightmare for sure.            
Sora...running so Very behind in the garden....

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