[Market-farming] portable greenhouse heating question

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Fri Feb 27 16:25:03 EST 2009

We are looking for a heater that we can use supplementally on cold nights for a hardening tunnel we're building, and also for a fall tomato house.  To hopefully fulfill both needs with 1 purchase, we're looking at having a portable heater.  So far I've been looking a lot at the tube shaped propane heaters that companies like master's and mr. heater make.  The problem is that they don't have a thermostat, only a high and low dial for temp. setting.  I know I've seen discussions about heaters here in the past, but don't recall if any of them were on portable heat.  We would definately like to use propane or electricity, but electric heaters are expensive to get a high BTU output (that I've seen anyway), and we're worried they would likely be expensive to run as well.  I was wondering what other folks experiences were with portable heat in their tunnels?  Thanks for any input..
.John DiZazzo
New Morning Farm
Hustontown, PA

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