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Fri Feb 27 13:19:39 EST 2009

I live in California. And the central valley, westside of California, it was announced, would be receiving no water this year. Many articles implied a loss of 60,000 to 80,000 jobs and revenue losses in the upwards figures of 1 billion. Here is a link to read some of the articles published last weekend in various newspapers across the state - if you are interested.


Jaime, in Central California



> Have you seen how high the vegetable and fruit prices have gone up recently
> on produce, mainly out of California? For example, I buy a 2 1/2 lb bag of
> frozen raspberries every other month and last summer it cost me $18.18, in
> Nov it cost me $23.00, and this month it WOULD cost me $32.59. (but I won't
> pay that) That is quite a rise in cost for one item. I expect this item to
> go up during the winter, but not to this extreme.
> I've been told that California producers are possibly being limited on the
> amount of water the state will be able to provide for them this year, and
> that the prices of produce are already going up in anticipation of this. I
> was surprised that this would affect produce already frozen, but what do I
> know.
> Does anyone have any more insight to this? 

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