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Thanks for this list.
A wonderful group of people.

Shows how many heads
are better than one.

I am looking for a cheap and good misting system for a seedling 
greenhouse .

I am using a spray bottle now and my wrists won't handle spring!

Anyone have suggestions ?


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This is still being hashed out.  300 gallons in reality isn't a lot of 
water especially going on overhead.(27,000g/acre inch)  So if I look at 
doing 150' x 20' which could be pretty easily done with low pressure 
sprinklers then in reality each 300 gallon tank is going to be only 
applying about a 1/6th of an inch.(if my quick math suits me correctly) 
 Going any smaller doesn't really make much sense for our planting.   
Going any bigger doesn't seem to have any impact.  At-least at that 
rate I could use this water as a means to get blocks of small seeded 
stuff germinated and keep the soil from crusting.  It's not really that 
feasible for putting on much volume though.  Running the system to drip 
tape certainly improves that efficiency a bit but in reality you've got 
to water deeply with tape to have any impact so who knows.  Maybe a few 
hundred feet at a time.  I'm not sure?!

I spoke with a guy abou
t pumps the other day and apparently a 
centrifugal pump will operate under backpressure up to a certain PSI 
that would then trip a pressure switch.  It appears that a small gas 
pump with a two stage filter system on the intake and idled per the 
necessary outgoing pressure would probably work alright.  I still 
haven't sketched out the system but a pump running about 20-30 gpm with 
a range of 10 - 30 psi ought to cover the bases.  I'll keep crun
ching but appreciate any thoughts!


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How large an area are you trying to irrigate. .. Bob.

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Subject: [Market-farming] Irrigation Question

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Hi All,

I've been toying around with some irrigation ideas and would be 
interested in folks insight and experiences.

We're looking at ways to get water to a few fields that don't have 
water access.  And also looking to potentially recover our pre-filtered 
wash water.(which is currently drained to a swale)

We currently have a 300 gallon tank that could be mounted on a hay 
wagon and towed to the field.  The question is how to apply this water. 
 I've been trying to figure out how to crunch the numbers on gravity 
pressure based on the distance dropped off the wagon and the volume of 
water in the tank (of course this would change as the tank drained) and 
I'd also need t
o figure this based on some standard length header, drip line, etc. 
 This is one possible direction.

The other is adding a pump to the system and utilizing a string of 
sprinklers.  I could look at the low pressure mini-sprinklers we've 
been utilizing.  Or explore slightly higher pressure system that would 
reduce the number of sprinklers and make the string easier to move. 
 This would prove helpful in having a fairly easily mobile means to 
irrigate a small seeded/bedded crop.  We're on municipal water for our 
main irrigation system so I have almost no experience with irrigation 
pumps.  I can consider the length of the sprinkler line and the number 
and type of sprinklers.  If I add up the GPM of each sprinkler head I'd 
get the total needed GPM, I can look at the operational PSI of the 
sprinklers and assume that would have to be my base pressure at however 
many GPM.  I can figure out how quickly the 300 gallon tank would drain 
and if I dug up the formula and crun
ched the numbers could figure out 
how many acre/inches that would amount to.  I know trash pumps, etc. 
are rated at how many GPM they move but don't think they're probably 
capable of handling back pressure.  I'm assuming that an irrigation 
pump has a GPM rating and is somehow rated for or set to an operational 
PSI.  Would this require a pump with bladder tank or is there some 
other system?   

Anyhow this is just the20trend of my thoughts here.  They're obviously 
rather raw and I've got some homework to do and phone calls to 
make....but bearing this info in mind if anyone has thoughts, ideas, 
experience, etc. I'd love to hear from you.




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