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Sue Wells farmersue at myfairpoint.net
Thu Feb 26 16:50:19 EST 2009

I have started a year round market and that community probably can't afford
my prices, that is why I will probably have to lower them, at this one
market. When I started selling in November at this market, the other
vegetable farmer was selling his carrots and potatoes for only $1.25/pound.
I can't and won't lower my prices that low. I only had potatoes to sell, and
my canned things and pickles. Customers saw my good quality of potatoes and
I sold a lot.   

 I do 3 Farmers Markets a week. The other 2, I won't lower the prices.

My prices are high, I think. Examples. I sell my lettuce mix for
$12.50/pound and my green beans for $5/lb. Tomatoes for $4 - $5/pound,
heirloom and raised in the fields. Potatoes are $3.50/lb.  My products are
excellent quality. I raise a lot of vegetables, and many varieties.     




""Have you seen the grocery stores lower any prices, I haven't.  So why in
the world would you lower your current prices.  Our prices will stay the
same as 08.  We sell bedding plants, vege plants, basil plants, fresh
produce of many different varieties , around 40 different item, fresh lamb
meat,and we weave and sell rugs and different wool and cotton products.  I
was at the grocery store today and have seen very little changes in their
prices except still going up.  A good marketer knows that price in most
markets make very little difference in the amount your are selling. Our
sales have always dictated the best quality of product that we can produce
and charge accordingly.  We are in a big market and we can set beside
dumpers and have a very good day, because if you are selling a great product
price has little effect.  The only thing that has gone down in our area has
been fuel, my seed prices have gone up about 12% from last year, so in
reality we really should be raising prices.""


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