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Andy Fellenz fellenz at fltg.net
Wed Feb 25 22:39:08 EST 2009

The replies I've had so far make me think that I'm in the Twilight 
zone.  Over the last six weeks, I've talked with Ken, Susan and several 
other people at Holland including one person who seemed to be hard of 
hearing, I have also emailed Susan the address to send the manual to and 
while they have been polite on the phone and given every indication of 
understanding what I am asking and promising repeatedly to put a manual 
and parts list in the mail, so far they haven't been able to get it 
together and actually send me anything.  Not sure what is going on here, 
but it sure would be nice if my experience was even remotely similar to 
the two people who have responded to my original query.


deberryemail-website at yahoo.com wrote:
> I recently purchased a used hollad rotary 1 that needed some work.  
> When I called they were very helpful sent me parts and where suppose 
> to send me a manual.  On that first call the person that helped me was 
> very nice but seemed to have a hard time understanding me .  A week 
> and half later I recived some of  the parts and no manual  and  on the 
> invoce had become Berry farms   instead of DeBerry Farm.  His name was 
> Tom.
> When I called back I told the girl answering the phone that had not 
> recived the manual she said she would send it right out then I also 
> told her that some of the parts that wanted had not been invoiced and 
> I thought that Tom had trouble understanding me.  I was transfered to 
> Ken? to order the parts who was also very helpful.  Three days later I 
> had the parts and the manual. 
> After looking at the manual and deciding what gears I neeed I called 
> orderd the gears and had them in 3 days.  They had also corrected the 
> farm name on the Invoice.  They have been very easy to deal with and I 
> have been satisfied overall after the shaky start.  This has all 
> happend in the last 3 weeks. 
> The maual and parts  list is the same thing.  and also includes the 
> spacing charts.  There are 6,7,8,9,10, and 11 tooth gears.
> Charles DeBerry
> DeBerry Farm
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