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Nice to see ya back, Nan ; ))  Missed you!

Liz Pike

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In case no one has yet replied to Alan's question about setting up the red
thick rubber propagation mats, we did put foam boards under all of
ours.....no grounding was needed with this type.  However we have also used
a long (25 foot), narrow plastic "mat" called agritape, and that one DID
require wire screen placed ON top of the mat (part of their instructions).
We also put foam boards underneath.

In neither case did I put foam boards on top, I just placed my seed trays
directly on the either type mat.  I did this for 7 years and germinated
thousands and thousands of seedlings each year for research for the
Medicinal Plant Garden (National Center for Natural Products Research, Univ.
of MS, Oxford) with no problem.  Hope this helps.

nan (formerly of Dancing Goats Farm, now Simple Gifts Homestead in Arkansas)

p.s. nice to be back with y'all...sold my farm in 2006 due to divorce but
now have a new life in a new state ,a new partner, and back to the land!!
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