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Beth, like you, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a larger vehicle for
deliveries. My Mazda Protégé passed away and I replaced it with a Toyota
Sienna mini-van. It should hold a lot of produce and is large enough to add
a trailer if need be. I paid about $11K in 08’ for a 06’ with 35K miles;
this was before the huge reduction in new car pricing. I would consider a
new Kia mini-van in today’s market. Mini-vans have better storage capacity
compared to SUVs’ If you are not worried about a lack of AC on your produce
and don’t need a back seat then a small pickup might work well. There
appears to be great deals on new Ford Rangers available. With the deeply
discounted prices and 0% or near 0% financing the new vehicles are very

Good luck,

Farmer Breck 

Crestwood, KY 40014-7704



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We have had a Subary Legacy and a pickup truck. Early and late I could take
the Subaru to markets, then switch to the truck during the high season. The
Subaru is falling apart (1997). I hate to go in the wrong direction on mpg,
but am looking at used Honda CRV, Honda Pilot, and Toyota Highlander Hybrid
as options to replace the Subaru. Their aren’t many small wagons with
service around here. I would love a Prius, but it just doesn’t quite have
enough space, and within the next year or so they are supposed to come out
with a plug in and a minivan, so will probably wait on those options for the
next vehicle.


I can’t tell you exactly what I need/want, because several things are in
flux. If I get 100 members on my CSA, I probably won’t do any markets, so
wouldn’t need the space. On the other hand, currently I have everyone come
out to the farm to pick up their produce, and I can see that in the future
(after I get production management down better) it may make sense to take to
a few delivery points, so then would need space. I am thinking the
CRV/Pilot/Highlander would serve for future CSA deliveries.


Do any of you have experience/insights into these vehicles? I am looking at
2006 models, since they are just coming off lease. Or low mileage older
ones. The 2006 CRV looks larger than the newer ones. A local dealer actually
has a 2006 Highlander Hybrid, but wants too much for it. Just to stave off
some discussion: I don’t like the seat in the RAV4. The 4Runner gets the
same mpg as the Pilot with less space. The Element just doesn’t seem like
something I want to drive for 10 years (I’ll be 70 then), but is not totally
out of the running. 


Also, can anyone advise me on the logistics of putting a large purchase on
new 0% interest credit cards?


Thank you.


Beth Spaugh

Rehoboth Homestead, Peru, NY

Farm Fresh Food Club CSA - http://rhomestead.com <http://rhomestead.com/> 

Garden fresh vegetables, organically grown, and pastured chicken, duck, and


"How we eat determines, to a considerable extent, how the world is used." -
Wendell Berry


"Without power over our food, any notion of democracy is empty." - Frances
Moore Lappe


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