[Market-farming] Cherry Tomatoes in Hoop Building

jay sleichter jaysleichter at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 17 15:18:14 EST 2009

Since there were so many great answers for my pepper questions, I have one more question about cherry tomatoes in High Tunnels.

I have grown tomatoes in a high tunnel and I supported them with a Florida Weave.  It worked great.  It was very easy to construct and take down.  My question is for cherry tomatoes, should I cage them or weave them?  How many suckers do you prune to, Do you prune?  What type of spacing do you suggest.  I am only planning to plant one row in the middle of the building.  My building is 18 by 46. I will have other vegetables 4.5 feet away from each side.  I don't want to have a jungle!  I also don't want to hurt my production.  I will plant some outside, but I want some early and I want to be able to pick them when I can't pick the ones outside due to the weather. 

I am new to this list serve and it is great! FYI, I am from North Central Kansas.


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