[Market-farming] Peppers in High Tunnels

Robert Farr rbfarr at erols.com
Tue Feb 17 12:20:09 EST 2009

Take a look at the pepper growing advice on my web site - 

This is for outdoor growing, but also should work well in a high 
tunnel.  I follow John Jeavons' recommendations, which favor close 
spacing and bio-intensive growing methods.

BTW, an interesting use for my greenhouse has been to grow lettuces and 
greens up on a table.  Lots and lots of production - good for the 
restaurant trade - but less bending over and no digging -

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Sharon and Steve wrote:

>First indoor peppers were 2008.
>I did row pairs 16 apart with plants 16 apart but offset, 48" between pairs.
>More fruits than the plants could hold up so I had to add stakes and a rail 
>along each side of the rows.
>If fruit is left on the plant and becomes fully red ripe is that a signal to 
>the plant
>to shut down, mine quit blooming after the reds showed up.? I had expected 
>them to keep going like tomatoes.
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