[Market-farming] Peppers in High Tunnels

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I think you'll be okay with that spacing. But I think you might be able to better utilize space in the tunnel with twin rows 18" apart and the plants offset in each row. The twin row centers can be 54-60" apart so you can make maximum use of available space in the tunnel. If you're growing big varieties like poblanos, you may need to spread the distance a bit. Most varieties fit into that spacing well.


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>   I am going to grow bell peppers in half of my 18 by  
>   45 high tunnels this year.  My question is what is   
>   the best spacing to use.  Do you do double row?  Do  
>   you use single row?  Spacing between plants and      
>   between rows.                                        
>   I have been using 18 inches between plants and 3     
>   feet between rows on my outside peppers.  Is this ok 
>   to use inside or can I do more?                      
>   Thanks,                                              
>   Jay                                                  
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