[Market-farming] how many tomato plants?

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Thanks for that link to Virginia Tech. Great info. In the past, at farmers
markets, I've been known for heirloom tomatoes. However, most CSA folks went
for round red. Thanks for you variety suggestions too. WE have been
fortunate if staked and with landscape cloth down I get very little disease
until late season. But, yes, Big Beef and Early Girl have made it to frost
in good shape - no sprays.

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Were it me I would be thinking that indoor tomatoes should do something like

half a pound per plant per week, for plants with some disease resistance. On

heirlooms I would do what space and time that I have to waste, as 2-3 years 
out of 5 I will not get much that is usefull.

Outdoors I would be doing a bunch of Celebitiies, Jetstars, Early Girls and 
Better Boys, again the disease resistant so that I would not be on a 3 day 
spray schedule
with that old stuff.

With some equipment potatoes can be excellent and over-doing is a plus in 
it is necessary to bring up the overall value of the accounts with storage 
squash and potatoes. Without a decent line of harvest, washing, bagging 
equipment I would not consider potatoes a financially rewarding activity at 
500lbs a week by hand. Russets seed can go in 16 -18 inches apart, early 
reds like Norland can go in nearly touching each other, explains the wide 

There are a bunch of crop estimators online, here is one.



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