[Market-farming] how many tomato plants?

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Sat Feb 14 09:56:57 EST 2009

Were it me I would be thinking that indoor tomatoes should do something like 
half a pound per plant per week, for plants with some disease resistance. On 
heirlooms I would do what space and time that I have to waste, as 2-3 years 
out of 5 I will not get much that is usefull.

Outdoors I would be doing a bunch of Celebitiies, Jetstars, Early Girls and 
Better Boys, again the disease resistant so that I would not be on a 3 day 
spray schedule
with that old stuff.

With some equipment potatoes can be excellent and over-doing is a plus in 
it is necessary to bring up the overall value of the accounts with storage 
squash and potatoes. Without a decent line of harvest, washing, bagging 
equipment I would not consider potatoes a financially rewarding activity at 
500lbs a week by hand. Russets seed can go in 16 -18 inches apart, early 
reds like Norland can go in nearly touching each other, explains the wide 

There are a bunch of crop estimators online, here is one.



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