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OK, I have not had the management time to keep ANY records of tomato yields.
I know that I have had many more than I could sell. But, this year I am
aiming for a 100 member CSA, and if I get the 100 members, will only market
to the CSA. I grow a mix of hybrids and heirlooms, inside and out.


It seems that 10 lbs per plant is a common yield. At that point I would only
need 300 plants (30 lbs/share / 10 lbs per plant * 100 shares). Other yield
estimates, based on row feet, are 2.3 lbs per row foot, with Florida weave.
At 18 to 24 inch spacing that would be 3 to 4.6 lbs per plant, would mean 30
lbs per share / 3 lbs per plant * 100 shares = 1000 plants. Quite a spread. 


I would appreciate what others are finding for tomato yields per plant,
assuming 18” spacing. Hoophouse plants are pruned to single leader. Outside
ones grow rampant.


I was figuring on 240 plants in my hoophouse – 60 Lola greenhouse variety,
the rest heirlooms (Striped German, Black Prince, Amish Paste, Rose,
Brandywines, etc, possibly grafted. The outside tomatoes are Polbig, Orange
Blossom, Big Beef, and heirlooms. I have op det seed also – Marglobe, Oregon


Thank you. I am doing massive, intensive planning for this and am down to
tomatoes and potatoes. So, what do you use for potato yields and amount of
seed potatoes? I find recommendations ranging from 50 to 200 lbs per 1000
feet for seed potatoes. I am figuring 2 to 2 ½ feet of row per share per
week for potatoes, hoping to give out about 2 ½ lbs after the small new
potatoes (a heaping quart). Thank you. It is challenging to convert lbs
information to volume data, or piece/head, etc. For this year I am using
number of heads of broccoli, cabbage, etc rather than lbs in figuring how
much to plant. 


When I was just farmers market I didn’t worry. If I didn’t have something,
it was my loss. I had a very enthusiastic 30 share CSA last year, but with
the jump to 100 will be maxing out my space and want to be careful.


Thank you.


Beth Spaugh

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