[Market-farming] Curing, or Cut-n-Plant, potato seed pieces

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Fri Feb 13 08:50:16 EST 2009

Steve -

We used to make a slurry of local clay and stirred barrel compost and 
myco and dip our cuts in that to avert infections and to promote root 
growth, etc.

For the last many years, though, the seed potatoes have been small 
enough - - and our budget large enough - - to skip cutting all 
together and just plant small hole potatoes.

Some varieties, like pontiac, don't lend them selves to the 'small 
seed potatoe' paradigm, so those we continue to cut and tip.

Enjoy your spud planting! WE won't do it here outside of DC until at 
least St Patrick's day!

-Allan in WV

>Any opinions on the value of cutting potato seed pieces
>and letting them cure a week or two before planting?
>Or, just cut-n-plant the potato seed pieces and plant
>them in the ground the same day?
>We got a sack of potatoes and this weekend would
>be the early planting dates for our region in
>Central Texas.
>In the past I've done the cut-n-plant
>method with OK results, but maybe there's
>"more" to good taters. 
>Steve Diver
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