[Market-farming] Curing, or Cut-n-Plant, potato seed pieces

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Fri Feb 13 06:59:02 EST 2009

> We got a sack of potatoes and this weekend would
> be the early planting dates for our region in
> Central Texas.
> Steve Diver

As you say that it is time to plant, there is not much point in delaying;
in doing hundreds of acres Cut-n-Plant is the usual method in this area.

For small early plantings there is some value to placing seed on greenhouse 
benches for a couple weeks to get it going.  I can have "new potatoes" for 
July 4, by doing that; an activity that  has more to do with culinary 
pleasure and bragging rights than profit!

Occasionally a truckload or 2 of cut seed gets delayed in planting by 
several days of weather and the task of spreading on the floor and 
ventilating to prevent heating is a true PITA...BTDT!


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