[Market-farming] lady bugs

Shawnee Flowerfarmer farmingflowers at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 13 01:03:28 EST 2009

I keep something high nectar blooming in the greenhouse all winter and encourage people to bring me the lady bugs that pile up in their bathrooms, windowsills and lampshades, etc.
The bugs wake up about now, and I usually see nymphs by the end of February.
This is also when I am cursed with aphids who have been hiding somewhere in the
greenhouse, so everything works out.  By late March, the ladybugs are flying out of the greenhouse on warm days
where the chickadees are waiting for them and the aphids are gone for another year.
  So everything works out-sort of.
Circle of life stuff, I guess.  I've not had to try "farming" them.
This might be case of...them as has-gets.
Shawnee, zone 5, and still pondering the idea of planting potatoes in February.

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