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Dave - thanks... 

Do you also use this tool to dig the dahlias up?? Didn't think about glads, but will use it for that too! 

We have orchard tractors available for our use, so the size should be fine, its just my hillside (and sidehill) that are the biggest challenge! 

Thanks again, 

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Wendy - you're going to love this tool!  We use it for everything - dahlias - dig deep then backfill with peat moss or compost, same with asparagus.  It's great for potatoes, glad bulbs, and in our sandy soil we plant most things in trenches - tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc. 

One caveat - on a small tractor, mounted on the three point hitch, with down pressure it tends to reduce traction.  We use it mostly on the cub under the belly. 



Hi - 

I have a request for you all...I'm looking for a middle buster or sometimes 
called a potato plow. I'd like your recommendations regarding the different 
brands. I will be using it to plant lots of dahlias (unless you all give me 
 ideas). Hopefully it will work to dig them up as well in the fall. 

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