[Market-farming] Market-farming Digest, Vol 73, Issue 12

david purpura davepurpura at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 12 22:51:05 EST 2009

Wendy - you're going to love this tool!  We use it for everything - dahlias - dig deep then backfill with peat moss or compost, same with asparagus.  It's great for potatoes, glad bulbs, and in our sandy soil we plant most things in trenches - tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.

One caveat - on a small tractor, mounted on the three point hitch, with down pressure it tends to reduce traction.  We use it mostly on the cub under the belly.



Hi - 

I have a request for you all...I'm looking for a middle buster or sometimes
called a potato plow. I'd like your recommendations regarding the different
brands. I will be using it to plant lots of dahlias (unless you all give me
better ideas). Hopefully it will work to dig them up as well in the fall. 

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