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Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Thu Feb 12 08:58:08 EST 2009

The Real Steve Moore used a germ closet like this, but lined it with 
flourescent lighting. The lights gave enough warmth and the light got 
starts off to a very good  start. I dont' remember how long he left 
them in the cupboard, though. -Allan in WV

>Hey Andy,
>A friend of mine had constructed a germination chamber that was 
>pretty simple and effective.  He built a quick frame with some scrap 
>lumber(all you really need are corners) and sheathed it in rigid 
>insulation board.  I believe his box was built off of the insulation 
>dimensions which is 4 x 8.  A sheet for the top, a sheet for the 
>bottom, and sheet cut into panels for the sides.(R-12 is about 
>$25/sheet)  He picked up small plug in electric room (space) heater 
>they tend to be a ceramic element with a small blower and the 
>hardware and home stores are usually selling them cheap around now. 
> He simply set the heater in the box cranked it up, if there's a 
>thermostat on the heater you'd probably have to disable it. 
> Moisture wasn't an issue because the flats were moist, there wasn't 
>much airspace and the moisture didn't have anywhere to go.  The 
>biggest management issue was timing.  You had to get everything 
>popped but then get them out ASAP otherwise they'd get lanky quick 
>on account of no light.
>Good luck...
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