[Market-farming] plug production questions

John Hendrickson jhendric at wisc.edu
Tue Feb 10 12:34:38 EST 2009

Three thoughts on this topic:

Because peat tends to repel water and can be hard to moisten evenly once 
in plastic cell trays, I find it best to fill flats with moist 
(dampened), but not wet, potting mix (I use a compost/peat mix from 
Vermont Compost).  Also, I water seeds in with hot water which helps the 
flats start out warm before going into a (homemade) germination chamber.

Finally, because growing high quality transplants is so important and 
requires as much learning and experience to do well as all the summer 
field activities, I encourage people starting out to take advantage of 
opportunities to buy transplants from experienced growers or to rent 
space in experienced growers' greenhouses.


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