[Market-farming] Germination/ Maturation Days

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And, the final thing to remember is that it is an estimate, in a
particular place, in the best growing season.  We find, for instance, in
Kentucky, that seeds from Johnny's have an actually DTM (Days to
Maturity) that is several days fewer in the prime growing season.  And,
in spring and fall, DTM will be significantly different because of day
length.  We have started tracking ACTUAL DTM on our crops so we can plan
Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm


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And in some cases, from date of transplanting out in the field; though
this should only be for crops ordinarily started indoors / in
greenhouse, and most companies will specify that it's "days from

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly 
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	When it germinates.  Seeds can have an uncanny way of sitting
for a looong time in dry soil. 

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		Okay, a goofy question...sorry. 
		When the seeds says "so many days to maturation", does
day 1 start when you plant it, or does day 1 start when it germinates? 

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