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This seems like a very reasonable solution.  After this season, I am going 
to do a few boxes the recommended way by taking off the top 3-4 inches of 
soil, covering them and leaving them. Perhaps we can try some the way you do 
them also and see which way seems to work best.  It would be great to be 
able to re-use a lot of the potting soil.  It gets very expensive!
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> The next spring, we mixed up a pile of (new) compost plus (new) soilless
> mix, again approximately 50-50 - just measured by the shovelful - one
> shovelful of this, then one shovelful of that.  Let's call that pile 'New
> Stuff'.
> We put the pile of New Stuff next to the pile of Old Stuff, but with a
> little area separating them.
> Then we filled each SWC with about 50% Old Stuff and 50% New Stuff, again
> measured by the shovelful - one shovelful of Old Stuff, then one shovelful
> of New Stuff.  Then we mixed it around in the SWC, using the long-handled
> claw tool.
> This seemed to us to be the most convenient way.  It worked very well last
> year, and we'll probably continue to do it this way unless either (a) we
> seem to have a problem or (b) we think another way would be more 
> convenient
> for us or would work better for some reason.
> If anyone else is doing this differently, I'd be interested to hear how
> you're doing it and what your results have been.
> Cheers,
> Pat
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